Runners tune up for Tortola Torture in 5K

The Trident Trust 5K Series made its third tour stop, with a start and finish on Long Bay, Beach, Beef Island.

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway.

Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts led a field of 70 participants in Saturday’s Trident Trust 5K tour stop on Beef Island, covering the 3.1 miles course in 18 minutes and 41 seconds, as he tuned up for this weekend’s Tortola Torture’s 13-mile leg as part of a team.

Julius Farley was second in 19:15, with Mark Stephenson third in 20:32.

“It was a nice run with little wind, it was cool but there was a headwind going towards the airport,” he noted. “It’s a relatively flat course and there’s not much of a challenge, it’s just the wind and the sun.”

Ricketts—who led from gate to wire—knew Farley would be his main rival and said his strategy was simply to ‘keep pushing.’

“He gave me some push so that was good also,” Ricketts said.

This weekend, he’ll run a 10-mile anchor leg as part of a team with Lennon DaBreo and Jose Banay in the 33.5 miles Tortola Torture. He will run from Georges Northside past the Prison, over to Little Mountain with a finish at Trellis Bay. The Little Mountain segment which is over a mile and a half with a steep hill isn’t ‘long’ he noted. “By time you get there, it’s how far you’re coming from,” he said. “That’s the only challenge. The heat and the time of the day is something else to consider but you just do your best. It’s only 13 miles.”  

James Ramprashad was third among the males in 20:37. He was followed by: Dean Robson, 20:53. Sergio Dantas who’s tuning up for a weekend Marathon in Austria, in 21:45. Curvin Andrews from Virgin Gorda ran 22:26 in eight, Jose Francisco Babay, ninth in 24:03 and 10th was Luke Saltonstall in 24:36.

Katrina “Kat” Lindsay, fifth overall, was the first woman in 20:42. 2. Priya Mattu, 24:03. 3. Rosmond Johnson, 25:42. 4. Krystal Blackman, 27:28. 5. Samantha Hollingsworth, 27:33. 6. Kay Reddy, 28:22. 7. Olga Danilova, 28:31. 8. Andrea Henchey, 29:20. 10. Louise Henderson, 29:42.