Cricket elect’s 12th head, Softball has 13 team league planned

BVICA Executive. L-R: Craig Grant, Cameron Williams, Sonjé Greenidge, Ebony Andrews, Marcia Fredericks-Nicholson, Vachel “Betty” Percival, Tameka Johnson, Richard Francis and Neil Hayes.

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway.

Neil Hayes was elected the 12th President of the BVI Cricket Association, during elections held on Saturday evening. The association had been in a state of flux since the abrupt resignation of former President Vahindra Bharat. Since its last election, prior to Baharat stepping down, three other members had resigned and another died in office earlier this year. Joining Hayes on the executive are; Vice President, Richard Francis, returning Secretary, Tameka Johnson. The Assistant Secretary is Vachel “Betty” Percival; Treasurer, Marcia Fredericks-Nicholson; Assistant Treasurer, Ebony Andrews; Public Relations Officer, Sonjé Greenidge and Committee Members are Cameron Williams and Craig Grant.

The association will soon announce a date for the start of the league.

13 Teams to compete in Softball League

Some 13 teams have registered for 2024 Virgin Islands Softball-Baseball Association national fastpitch league. The league, which added one team in each division, initially had a tentative opening date for this weekend, and is expected to begin in April. The Women’s Division teams are: Defending champions Synergy, West End Warriors, Sparks,

Lady Wings, Blazers and Pure Problems.

Men’s Division teams are: Defending champions Pirates, VG Heat, West Mobsters, Storm, Power Outage, Albion’s Hot Shots and Aces.