55 kicks off Trident Trust 5K Series City Circuit opener

Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts, left, (11) and Julius Farley, (17) took the race out and finished 1st adn 2nd respectively.

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway.

Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts had a gate to wire victory in Saturday’s Trident Trust 5K Series race that kicked off with the City Circuit.

Ricketts covered the course from the A.O. Shirley Grounds to the Hospital, up Main Street, through Lower Estate and back to the grounds in 16 minutes and 36 seconds.

“Well, it wasn’t a bad race. It was very cool, a little bit of wind but we managed,” he said. “It was a quick race but it was a good run.”

Ricketts was coming off running in the 9.81 miles Prison Break tune up race for the April 20 Tortola Torture, that had 3,400 feet of elevation on Feb 25. He told Island Sun Sports that it was a different race in terms of pace.

“I always try to keep a fast consistent pace—only on the hills you start to slow down a little bit—but it’s not much of a difference in speed, but in time,” he said.

For Shanaine Avancena, it was her first 5K race on Tortola. “It was a good time to take a break after a busy week at work for me and I wasn’t looking forward to this but I’m happy that I came,” she said. “I haven’t been training. I’m not a runner but I like to run from time to time, but because of the busy season, I can’t really do it consistently, but this one really forced me to wake up so it’s good.”

The next race in the series that runs through May 25, is the 7 a.m. Carrot Bay Classic on March 23.

Final results. Men: 1. Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts, 16:35. 2. Julius Farley, 16:59. 3. Mark Stephenson, 17:40. 4. James Ramprashad, 19:16. 5. Mark Wells, 20:01. 6. Lennon Dabreo, 20:34. 7. Jose Banay, 21:25. 8. Luke Saltonstall, 22:56. 9. Edward Alvis, 23:05. 10. Ryan Porter, 23:35.

Women:  1. Rosmond “Rose” Johnson, 23:46. 2. Delma Tavernier, 24:03. 3. Jessica Broderick, 24:31. 4. Olga Danilova, 25:03. 5. Samantha Hollingsworth, 25:21. 6. Louise Henderson, 25:43. 7. Kristal Blackman, 26:05. 8. Kay Reddy, 27:08. 9. Tuneisha Johnson, 28:32. 10. Elizabeth Buratti, 30:07.