Myron Walwyn blames “Outdated campaigns of maliciousness and lies”


Less than a week of declaring his candidacy in the Sixth District National Democratic Party member Myron Walwyn has been forced to rebuke aspersions that arose from a report that the incumbent Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines use of the Millicent Mercer Recreational Grounds were thwarted because of wiring issues.

The matter became public when a member of the Alvera Maduro-Caines Committee posted a social media message on 6 March stating, “Please note that as a result of malicious hands, part of the power source to the Baugher’s Bay Basketball Court has been cut. As recent as yesterday, the power lines were connected. Today, when the Committee to Re-elect Alvera Maduro-Caines arrived to begin set up, they noticed that the lines were severed. This has resulted in the event planned for the district today to be moved outside the district to the nearby Multipurpose Sports Complex. The decision was also made considering the weather.”

The situation was amplified further when an online news site posted an article on the matter with the headline, “Gutter politics? Electrical box tampered with on eve of Hon Maduro-Caines basketball event.”

The perceived blame was not lost on Walwyn who issued a statement on the same day stating, “I have been someone who has been calling for a much higher level of political discourse and debate during our election cycles for many years. The BVI people are intelligent and they deserve a much more sophisticated approach to seeking their vote. The information in this article and those being circulated by others are patently false and deliberately so.”

Walwyn who is contesting the Sixth District under the NDP banner stated that he was concerned when he heard of the wire issue and reached out to the Recreation Trust to have the matter looked into. “After I heard about the situation at the Millicent Mercer Recreational Grounds, I personally called Mr. Eustace Freeman, Director of the Recreation Trust, and he advised that the information being circulated is completely false. He called an electrician today to address some issues with the electrical wiring on the basketball court and something was inadvertently not connected by the electrician. He also advised that he expressed this very thing to the news site and to others yet they insisted on pushing this false narrative.”

While blasting persons who were indirectly blaming him for the issue Myron Walwyn said: “The electorate deserves better. These outdated campaigns of maliciousness and lies must cease. Let people know what you are going to do to make their lives better.”