New Book delves into the Complexities of Monogamy


Some people get married for the wrong reasons, and end up being very unhappy Bishop John Cline explained during an October 21 media interview. The New Life Baptist Church Bishop was at the time speaking about his new book “Monogamy Mystery: Natural/Unnatural?” which addresses various relationship issues.

In explaining the mysteries of monogamy, he stated that marriage isn’t always the solution. He said: “A lot of Christians get married just to legalize sex, and then they find themselves very unhappy; because it’s not what they think it was. They are not prepared to deal with all the other tensions, financial difficulties, differences of attitude, culture, or social raising; they are not prepared to deal with that.”

The theologian explained that this lack of understanding of marriage is the reason why many marriages fail: “That’s why we fail at it so much, because some people think when they get married they will be happy, marriage is not designed to make you happy. Some people think that when they get married all their feelings for anybody else will go away and it doesn’t. That is not what marriage is all about,” he said.

The local Bishop explained that marriage is first binding to an institution that God has created, and he warned: “If you are not going to go in to adhere to the principles built around which God desired for it to do, then you are going to fail at it. The things that you thought would happen naturally don’t, because marriage isn’t a natural thing.”

In explaining a solution for the misunderstanding, Cline said: “I think we have to reshape our whole thinking about marriage and about why we are getting married. I believe that marriage not only is spiritual; the benefits that are derived from marriage is the safety, the security the building up of a society.”

In his review of the new book on Booktopia, Bishop Darryl S. Brister writes that: “The Monogamy Mystery is more than thought-provoking. It is a must-read for any belief system, class, religion, or gender. It is sure to make you read and reason at an enjoyable pace. John I. Cline, I believe has been uniquely placed by God as a rare gem and proven trailblazer… The Monogamy Mystery is a magnet for great discussion and fellowship.”